I like making videos for science communication purposes. Here are some that I’m proud of in some way. You can see the rest on my YouTube Channel.

A day in the life of a physics Student

I agreed to make this promotional video for Cardiff University, School of Physics and Astronomy. It features a typical day for one of our 3rd year students.

Herschel and Planck launch

Herschel and Planck are two amazing astronomical observatories launched in 2009. They have revolutionary technology on board to observe the coldest things in the Universe and the afterglow of the Big Bang. Many people at Cardiff University worked on them, so there was a big party for the launch.

Cut-out Planck model

In 2011, Stuart Lowe made a cut-out model of the Planck satellite. I made this time-lapse of him making the model.

Teapots from Space

In 2008, Jon Yardley and I made 4 episodes of Teapots from Space. It was supposed to be in the style of 1950s sci-fi crossed with satirical documentary. I’ll let you judge for yourself.

.Astronomy 2

As part of a Hack Day, I made this video about what .Astronomy conference series meant to people.