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Education Director Las Cumbres Observatory Honorary Lecturer School of Physics & Astronomy, Cardiff University


PhD - Astrophysics

Instability in the winds of hot stars: Theory and Simulation 1999-2004 Cardiff University

Master of Astrophysics

1st Class hons
Cardiff University

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Selected Web Projects

Star in a Box

Lead developer and maintainer
Web app for learning about the life cycle of stars. 2015 winner of Scientix Round 1 competition, category 2, Resources Award.

Asteroid Tracker

Creator and lead developer Web app to which triggers observations of asteroids (with Las Cumbres Observatory)) with a single click. Everyone’s image get automatically combined into timelapses of the asteroids moving through space.

Agent Exoplanet

Lead developer and maintainer
An online LCO citizen science project for investigating the properties of transiting extra-solar planets.

Serol’s Cosmic Explorers

Creator and lead developer
Web application for exploring astronomy through missions, challenges and using robotic telescopes.

More of my projects can be found on my GitHub profile.

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See GitHub for my recent software projects

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